Soldat Maps Pack

Here you can find an archive with 891 maps for the game Soldat. Only fine maps have been included in this pack.
Credits are added, if you're a map maker whose map is in this archive, please send an email with your nickname and name of map.
The main purpose of this map pack is to make players play other maps than the official ones (even though the official ones are great).
Please note that we try not to modify the original files. Fully complient with Soldat 1.3.1, not below!  (116mb - mirror at localhost(france)

-2007/02/22: Added 24 maps, updated some, removed 3 maps by chakapoko maker which were made officials.
-2007/02/09: Removed 16 obsolete maps, added 45 new ones. Possible updates when next version of Soldat comes out.
-2007/02/06: Big update: added 343 maps (!) now makes 841! Removed some textures already provided with the game.  Also changed name from LH-maps-pack to Soldat-maps-pack.
2006/02/28: Added 64 new maps. Seriously, the new gosteks really suck!
2005/12/12: Added more maps, removed some default sceneries. Removed the maps which are now released with the game. >:(
-2005/09/18: 55 maps added, 11 maps updated.
-2005/07/02: 17 maps added, some updates next month due to the ESL contest.
-2005/06/14: Added 27 maps, updated two of them. Added new bittorent download mirror (thanks Eric from
-2005/04/22: Added 6 maps, updated one.
-2005/03/22: Added new maps again, updated some of them too.
-2005/03/02: Updated Rambo_6's maps and added 6 new maps.
-2005/02/10: Updated 4 maps to latest version and added some new ones. Remember most of these maps come from the SoldatForums too.
-2005/01/24: Added 22 maps, removed an obsolete one.
2004/11/25: Added a few new maps.
-2004/11/08: Added 9 maps.
-2004/10/25: New version of Soldat: 1.2.1. Some maps have been renamed due to the new version that already includes them, two textures are now obsolete as well.
There shouldn't be any compatibility issues but with scenery-gfx only (on some maps). If so, please report them. * Also added ctf_B2bold *

-2004/09/22: Added 8 maps, recompiled one of the new ones because of a scenery conflict.
-2004/09/22: Updated some maps and added some more.
-2004/08/24: Added 31 new checked maps.
-2004/07/12: Added and updated some maps. If you have scenery bugs, that's your own fault.
-2004/06/09: Updated. Added new maps, and removed two obsolete maps.
-2004/05/17: Added/removed some maps.
-2004/05/05: Added 17 maps.
-2004/04/25: Added one missing scenery and recompiled DeathValley because of scenery conflicts (nobody complained though).
-2004/04/14: Updated. Hoping some more maps will be updated too. Need hosts for mirrors.
-2004/04/07: Added 4 new maps from the Soldat Forums.
-2004/03/29: Added 9 new maps. Need mirrors.
-2004/03/14: Removed several old maps that looks awful now. Added more though. We don't add maps with scenery bugs, even though they're great.
-2004/02/27: Fixed some scenery bugs. Removed 3 maps as well, too old and too plain. We're looking for mirrors now, please write to greob°at°
-2004/02/12: Added two maps (OmahaB) one of them remade into INF since CTF doesn't fit. If you can improve any map, please contact.
-2004/02/07: Some new maps again and updates too. I'm still not sure about putting maps from the MG clan. Maybe later.
-2004/02/03: Added more maps. Some of them aren't that good. Some are still pending and might be added later.
-2004/01/14: Added some maps. Recompiled DeathValley (damn, it won't work eitherway).
-2003/11/18: Added 4 maps. Fixed some bugs. Some scenery-gfx bugs remaining.
-2003/10/28: Some maps are unplayable because of the sceneries bug. Wait for the next release to see this fixed (Michal, do something!)
-2003/10/23: Added 9 maps. 2 recompiled.
-2003/10/01: Added 3 new maps.
-2003/09/28: Fixed a texture issue.

-2003/09/21: Finally the first release! Notice: "LH-xxx.pms" files are (very) old maps which have been recompiled and improved.

Send bug reports and suggestions here (maps, textures, scenery-gfx or credits issues).

Download Soldat 1.3.1 HERE
Download Dedicated Server 2.5.4 HERE

Michal Marcinkowski, give us back the old gosteks already! Or at least replace the gosteks for Team2. >:(